Kumar Expression In All Its Coloured Glory!

The Card Player by PaulCézanne, Price: $254 million

The Card Players by Paul Cézanne is the most expensive painting that has ever been sold. Dated 1892/93, this painting depicts the post-impressionist era and is well known for its colour intensity and fine details. The painting was bought by the Royal Family of Qatar in 2011.

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Beauty In Art

What is art?

Art is simply "a form of communication that doesn't require you or anyone to know any specific language". When an 'artist' wants to emotionally express himself or his thoughts, he does so by putting it down in the form of art; be it painting, music, sculpture or photography.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Love is a special kind of luxury. And Dad’s love is one of the best kinds.

Your father has always stood by you since the beginning of time, held your hand when you stumbled, supported you through hardship, and been there to watch you learn and grow. He has provided you with the most luxurious of lives, and he’d be a clever man if he bought in at Kumar to provide the best to his family, in terms of comfort, luxury and love.

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The Luxurious Code of Colour

Luxury can only be measured by the feel and comfort one gets from one's surroundings. Enhancing your living area to make it more extravagant and lavish largely depends on the colours you use for your décor. Colours play a major role when it comes to getting the perfect décor; an atmosphere that speaks of sheer class and comfort.

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Dine in Style!

A fine dining experience doesn't necessarily have to be at a fine dining restaurant. You can attain this luxury at home as well with the freedom to prepare whatever you want, however you want. This would be perfect for special occasions like throwing a dinner party or having a date over.

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